Laddie is an English Shepherd/Rough Collie with the lines on his mother's side carrying back both to my old line of Rough Collies and my English Shepherd/Rough Collie mix "Lassie," who was the greatest help to me on the farm for many years.

Laddie is a mahoghany sable with white factoring.

Laddie is out of "PR" Oaktree's Bobbie of Red Fern & Starlight's Syria

Laddie's full name is "Laddie of Starlight"

Laddie is a incredibly good-natured collie, one I am honored to be sharing life with...

Laddie as a youngster

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Laddie is a very gentle-natured dog, and extremely responsive (biddable).  He is more than willing to do whatever is asked of him.  He is strong, but has a "live and let live philosophy" with other animals. He likes to accompany me on chores and, although he is gentle, I feel confident he would readily protect if the situation called for it.  He often follows at my left side, nudging my hand, as if to ask, "What would you like ME to do?"

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Some of Laddie's ancestors